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Taxis are an excellent way to get from Amsterdam Airport to the city of Amsterdam. Still, if you’re not careful, the price can quickly add up.

Here’s how to make sure you get a good deal on your taxi fare from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to the city of Amsterdam. Make sure you book ahead with Staxi! We’ve got fixed prices and experienced drivers. You’ll always know what you’ll pay before you get in the car!

  • The fixed price taxi

    Book a taxi for a fixed price. No surprises afterwards.

  • Safely from door to door

    Your driver takes the fastest route and brings you safely to your destination.

  • Licensed drivers

    Our professional drivers know their way around.

Why book a taxi via Staxi?

Taxi from Schiphol to Amsterdam? Book online! | Staxi (1)There are several advantages if you book your taxi via Staxi. First, you’ll always pay a fixed price upfront. We will not charge you any extras after you’ve booked. Second, our taxi drivers have a lot of experience with pickups at Schiphol, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in another country! Book your taxi, and off you go! See below for more information on how exactly to proceed.

How to book a taxi transfer to Amsterdam?

  1. Let us know when you need the taxi;
  2. Indicate how many persons you are travelling with;
  3. Enter the pickup address and the destination;
  4. Select a vehicle type;
  5. Fill in your contact details (don’t forget your flight number!);
  6. Choose a payment method and book your taxi!

You can book a taxi online, with the Staxi App, through WhatsApp or by telephone.

Fixed price taxi from Schiphol to Amsterdam

At Staxi, we have fixed prices for everyone. You can quickly see how much your journey will cost by entering where you want to go. If there are any traffic jams or road closures, your driver will know what detours to take to make sure you arrive quickly and are happy with your trip. No extra costs! With Staxi, travelling is always easy!

Your driver will be there right when you land at Amsterdam Airport; all you need to ensure is to enter your flight number when you book your taxi.

Taxi cost Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam

If you’re looking for cheap taxi fares, don’t worry, we offer just that. At Staxi, you always pay a fixed price upfront when booking your taxi. We’ll pick you up from Schiphol Airport and take you wherever you want to go while ensuring your ride is as inexpensive as possible.

For transfers from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam, our prices range from €26.50 to about €48.50. The exact fare, of course, depends on the total distance from the airport to your destination. Mind you: a metered fare can turn out twice as high!

Taxi price from Amsterdam Airport to the city centre

Getting from Schiphol to Amsterdam’s city center will not cost you an arm and a leg when you pre-book with us. Prices for a transfer from the airport to the city center range from € 35 to approx. € 46.75. In contrast, a metered fare can be as high as € 75.

Most people who visit Amsterdam have a visit to the city center on their wishlist. Chances are that you booked a downtown hotel as well, and now you’re wondering how much a taxi from Schiphol Airport to the city center costs. We get that, and apart from competitive prices, we offer an easy way to book your transfer to the city center.

You see, to calculate the price, you don’t have to know the exact address of your hotel or Airbnb. Instead, you can enter the name of your accommodation, and the system will find the correct address for you and show you the fare in seconds.

Where can I find my driver when I arrive?

After you have collected your luggage, it’s time to head up to the Staxi Pickup Point. Remember that you will pay a fixed price for your cab ride, so you don’t need to worry about any surprises. Your driver will be waiting outside. If you can’t find them, make sure that you are on the Departure level and near Hall 3, door D.

Will I really get the fare stated on this website?

Many companies advertise their taxi fares on websites. Still, they don’t always include other relevant costs such as tolls, waiting time and luggage. Always check how much you will have to pay at Staxi’s website. When you enter your destination in our online system or mobile application, you’ll immediately see a fixed price for your taxi ride with Staxi. That’s it! Just give us all the necessary details, and we’ll send you an email or text message with confirmation that we’ve received your booking.

How long does it take to get into town from Schiphol airport?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how long it takes to get into town when you book a taxi through Staxi. Well, various factors determine how long your trip will take, traffic and roadworks being the most important. In general, the drive from Schiphol Airport to the city center takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

One thing’s for sure: Staxi is the best way to get from Schiphol Airport to the city of Amsterdam!

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Staxi reviews

Excellent, Efficient, Professional taxi service & communications. Highly recommend the Staxi Service. Will definitely book again.

Ms. Schrock

I've had consistently good experiences with Staxi. Definitely recommended.


Always can rely on this taxi company. Great drivers and great service. Always on time. Thanks


Professional and polite. Arrived early and notified us by phone that he had arrived. Would highly recommend.


The driver was very kind and helpful all throughout the ride. He even placed the heavy bags for us. Highly recommended this taxi company and driver.


I use Staxi ever since I moved to The Netherlands. Great price, always on time, with super friendly drivers. Totally recommend!


The driver was very courteous and on time for my pickup. The taxi was clean and in good condition and the ride was problem-free. In general: A very good service that I will use again.


Amazing driver who came on time and gave great customer service. 10/10


Prompt arrival, helped stow bags in taxi, kind and safe driver. Thank you!


Our driver was just great! Friendly, professional, a competent driver. I felt very well cared for! Thank you!


Very prompt service. No cigarette smell in the car - that's a big plus.


Booked a taxi to the airport. Driver was friendly and on time. Will book my return ride with Staxi 🙂


Very happy with the service and the price! The taxi was waiting for us when we arrived at Schiphol and while we were taking out our luggage.


Perfect. If all taxi drivers were like this fine gentleman, the world would be at peace.


Frequently asked questions

At Staxi, you can order a taxi in different ways.

  1. Via this website. Use the taxi fare finder to calculate the costs and book your taxi;
  2. With the Staxi App;
  3. Through a WhatsApp message;
  4. By phone.

Do you have a special request, or do you need a quotation? Please contact us; we are happy to help you out!

You will get a fixed price when you pre-book a taxi with us. The exact fare depends on several things:

The distance of the ride

Of course, you will pay less for a shorter ride. However, our rate per kilometre decreases as the total distance increases. That is unique because most taxi companies offer a metered fare based on a fixed amount for each kilometre. As a result, you are off cheaper with Staxi than with other taxi companies.

The type of vehicle

A ride in a regular taxi is cheaper than a ride in a taxi van. When you pre-book your taxi with us, the cost difference between a minibus taxi and a sedan is smaller than when you flag down a cab on the street or get in at a taxi rank. In that case, the driver will charge the meter rate, which is more expensive than our fixed rates.

Supply and demand

Just like a plane ticket or a night in a hotel, the fare for the same trip can fluctuate depending on supply and demand. For example: in extreme weather conditions, such as heavy snow, the need for taxi transport increases rapidly, which makes the price rise. The same journey can also be a lot cheaper, for instance, travelling at a quiet time.

As such, Staxi works with peak and off-peak hours. Our software automatically adjusts the fares based on supply and demand. In quiet moments, you will travel even cheaper with Staxi.

Calculate the fare for your taxi rides easily with our taxi fare calculator or via the Staxi App!

That depends on the location where you want to be picked up. Usually, there is a minimum booking time of 60 minutes. In some areas, it is longer and in others shorter.

Tip: When you book a taxi with the Staxi App, you can see precisely where the driver is and what time he or she will arrive.

At Staxi, you can pay for your taxi in any way you like. Because we work with fixed prices, it is possible to pre-pay via your trusted payment environment, such as iDeal, Sofort or PayPal. Of course, you can also pay securely online with your credit card. Without extra costs!

Take a look at the page with frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered there, please contact Staxi. We are happy to help you!

Taxi from Schiphol to Amsterdam? Book online! | Staxi (2024)


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