June 2024 Forecast: Highlighting Father's Day and Holidays (2024)

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The month of June brings with it the official start of Summer 2024! What sort of weather can we expect for this month? The Almanac meteorologists provide the extended forecast for June, highlighting their weather predictions for Father’s Day and other Juneholidays.

June 2024 WeatherForecast

June temperatures will be near to above normal across Florida and the Deep South, from the Heartland through much of the Plains and Intermountain West into southern California, and across southern Alaska and much of Hawaii; they will be below normal elsewhere. Rainfall will be near to above normal across the southern Plains, from the desert southwest into California, and in Alaska and Hawaii, and below normal elsewhere.

Temps will be near to above normal from Atlantic Canada into eastern Quebec and from the Prairies into eastern British Columbia; otherwise, they will be below normal. Rainfall will be near to below normal in Atlantic Canada, from southwest Ontario through the eastern Prairies, in western British Columbia and the Northwest Territories, and above normal elsewhere.


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On average, summer temperatures will be hotter than normal from New England down through the Delmarva Peninsula, across Florida and the eastern Great Lakes, from the Deep South through the Heartland and Upper Midwest, across much of the Plains and Intermountain West to the California Coast, and in Alaska and near to below normalelsewhere.

Rainfall will be below normal from New England down through New Jersey, across the Appalachians and eastern Ohio Valley through Florida and the Deep South, from the Heartland through Minnesota and across the northern Plains into the central and southern Rockies, and across southern Alaska and all of Hawaii; elsewhere, it will be abovenormal.

There is a concern for drought across the Upper Midwest, the northern and High Plains, and theSouthwest.

Summer temperatures will be hotter than normal across much of Canada, albeit cooler than normal in northern Quebec and the Hudson Bay region. Rainfall will be above normal from Atlantic Canada and Quebec through southeast Ontario, across much of Alberta and southeastern British Columbia, and from the Yukon into the northern Northwest Territories; below-normal precip is anticipatedelsewhere.

Weather for June 2024Holidays

  • On June 2, Canadian Armed Forces Day, the weather will be sunny and dry for outdoor festivities across the Prairies, southern portions of British Columbia, and all of the Yukon; elsewhere, showers are expected.
  • If you have plans for picking up roadside litter on June 5, World Environment Day, be aware that a few showers could arrive in northern New England, the Atlantic Corridor, the southern Appalachians, the southern Southeast, and Florida, as well as across the midsection of the country and in Alaska and Hawaii; otherwise, conditions will be sunny and dry. Canada will have similar weather across northwest Ontario and coastal southern British Columbia. In other areas, you’ll need to keep the rain gear handy.
  • June 16 is Father’s Day. If you are thinking about outdoor activities with Dad or other father figures, you can look for the weather to be sunny and dry in southern New England, across Florida and the Great Lakes, and from the Intermountain West all the way to the West Coast. In other locales, be sure to watch out for scattered showers and thunderstorms. Southern Quebec and the southern Northwest Territories will also be sunny and dry, but the rest of Canada may be showery.
  • On June 19, Juneteenth National Independence Day, sunny and dry skies will be perfect for outdoor festivities from southern New England into Virginia; across the Appalachians; in northern Florida, the Deep South, and the Ohio Valley; from the lower Great Lakes through the Heartland; from the Intermountain West to much of the West Coast; and across central Hawaii. Scattered showers or thunderstorms are expected elsewhere in the U.S.
  • The summer solstice—or astronomical start of the season—arrives on June 20. Expect sunny and cool weather from the Atlantic Corridor through the Appalachians and across the lower Great Lakes and Ohio Valley into the Heartland, while sunny and hot conditions will prevail across the Deep South into Texas–Oklahoma and from the Rockies to much of the West Coast. Elsewhere, there will be scattered showers and afternoon thunderstorms. Sunny and dry skies will be the norm in Atlantic Canada and southern British Columbia. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected almost everywhereelse.

June 1 is the Start of HurricaneSeason

Remember that the 2023 hurricane season officially starts June 1! Watch for tropical storms. → Read the extended hurricane forecast here!

The Full SummerForecast

Temperatures for the summer of 2024, on average, will be warmer than average in most of North America. → Read our official summer forecast here!

Find more about the upcoming weather conditions by checking in on our 60-day extended forecasts!

June 2024 Forecast: Highlighting Father's Day and Holidays (2024)


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