What setting should I put my phone on when traveling internationally? (2024)

What setting should I put my phone on when traveling internationally?

Use Wi-Fi Only

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Should I put my phone in airplane mode when traveling internationally?

Travelling internationally

You can use airplane mode to avoid roaming charges when travelling. You won't be able to send or receive text messages or phone calls, or use data services, but you could connect to a Wi-Fi network to check your email or browse the internet.

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Should international roaming be on or off?

While data roaming can be convenient for accessing mobile data services while abroad, it can also lead to high charges and unexpected fees. Therefore, data roaming should only be used if you don't have other alternatives for connecting to the internet.

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Do I get charged for receiving texts while abroad?

Most operators do not charge for receiving an SMS while roaming. The sender of the SMS also only pays the usual price as if the receiving customer were on their home network.

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Should I turn off cellular data when Travelling internationally?

Last Resort: Go Wi-Fi Only

If you can't get an international plan for your destination, the safest option is to turn off data roaming entirely. In iOS, the toggle switch is under Settings > Cellular. In Android, it's under Settings > Wireless & Networks > Data Usage.

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Will I be charged for roaming if I use Wi-Fi?

Using wifi does not count as data roaming. No. Put it in Airplane Mode to turn off all radios and then turn on Wifi. Then only wifi will transmit/receive data and you won't be charged for data, unless you have to pay for wifi, but that will not be part of your cellular bill.

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Does airplane mode stop texts?

Airplane mode will disable all wireless services on the device. Calls, data, and text messages cannot be sent or received, but once you come within range of your providers nearest tower, your waiting messages will be forwarded to you.

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Can you put your phone on airplane mode and still use Wi-Fi?

Use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in Airplane Mode

If the airline allows it, you can use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while in Airplane Mode. You just need to turn them on separately.

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What do I turn off on my phone when abroad?

Airplane mode turns off all your phone's radio connections (cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi), but apps that don't require an internet connection will continue to use data. Your best bet to avoid expensive roaming charges is to turn off data roaming or — even better — use a prepaid data plan.

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Does turning off mobile data stop roaming?

Turn off mobile data

If you want to avoid high roaming charges, make sure you turn your mobile data off on all devices before you arrive at your destination. You will still be able to make and receive calls (and be aware that charges will apply for these), but you'll need to connect to Wi-Fi to use any online apps.

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What settings to avoid roaming charges?

To prevent roaming charges completely when travelling, put your phone on Airplane or Flight mode. If you still want your device available for calls or texts, turn data roaming off.

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Should airplane mode be on or off on iPhone?

If you don't need to be connected to the internet or receive calls, then airplane mode is a great way to save battery life at night. It will turn off all wireless connections and prevent any apps from running in the background that could drain your battery.

What setting should I put my phone on when traveling internationally? (2024)
Does airplane mode stop data usage?

Airplane Mode turns off your device's ability to connect to cellular networks (meaning it can no longer send or receive calls or texts, or use data). As it is no longer accessing local cellular networks, it will not be charged roaming fees (caused by your device connecting to networks outside its home region).

Will airplane mode prevent international charges?

The only sure way to prevent roaming charges is airplane mode.

What happens if I turn on international roaming?

Once you turn on data roaming, your phone will automatically connect to data when it's available in another country. Keep in mind, however, that without a plan or add-on that includes international roaming, you will be subject to pay-per-use rates, which tend to be very expensive.

Can you text when traveling internationally?

When you land in an international country, you can simply turn off airplane mode and use your phone just like you do at home. You'll get unlimited free texting, and data costs the same as when you're back home and using Google Fi. The only thing that can cost extra is phone calls.

Is iMessage free internationally?

Did you know you can send and receive international iMessages free? Yup, totally free. iMessage remains the most useful feature on iPhones and iPads because it completely changed the way people 'text' each other.

Who gets charged when you text internationally?

There is no extra charge to send a text message to a phone that is roaming in another country, but if the SIM originates in another country charges will apply. The charges can vary depending on the carrier and the destination country.

What's the difference between airplane mode and cellular data?

This means that your device will not use any data while in airplane mode since you're not sending or receiving any information from the internet. Mobile devices typically consume data when sending or receiving data from the internet. If no data is sent or received, you won't lose any data from your data bundle.

What is the difference between turning off cellular data and data roaming?

What is the phone losing the ability to do when "data roaming" is turned off versus "cellular data"? Data Roaming is when you are connected to a network other than the one your SIM is for, often in another country. Cellular Data is just data over the cellphone network, any network, regardless of country or SIM.

What's prefer Wi-Fi while roaming?

If your carrier does, you can enable Prefer Wi-Fi While Roaming. In this case, phone calls may use Wi-Fi when you're roaming and there's a choice between the available cellular network and the local Wi-Fi network.

What triggers roaming charges?

Once you leave your coverage area, you're no longer able to use the local data within your home network. Instead, your device needs to “roam” and latch onto the nearest available network. Because this isn't your home network, you'll pay a premium to use it.

What happens when someone calls you on airplane mode?

When your phone is in Airplane mode, callers will hear the phone ringing, although it's not ringing on your end because your phone is not active. If the caller hangs up without leaving a voice mail, no notification will be generated as it would if your phone were in an active state.

What happens if you have airplane mode and WiFi on?

While it depends on your device, most modern phones allow you to use Wi-Fi even when in airplane mode. When you enable airplane mode, Wi-Fi will shut off, but you can enable it again manually. In some cases, Wi-Fi might not shut off when you turn on airplane mode in the first place.

Should airplane mode be on or off when at home?

Airplane Mode can also be used to limit cellular data usage when you're near home, for example, if you're running low on data and don't want your phone automatically downloading images and videos from WhatsApp messages or updating apps while you're not connected to Wi-Fi.


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