Does the tram in Amsterdam go to the airport? (2024)

Does the tram in Amsterdam go to the airport?

The airport includes a train station – right underneath the main hall. By the way: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is not serviced by tram (light rail) or metro lines.

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How do I get from Amsterdam to the airport?

The fastest route to the city centre is by hiring an Amsterdam airport taxi. Though it will cost approximately 39€, it will only take 15-20 minutes to reach your destination. The quickest method of public transportation is the train. Train tickets cost 5.40€ and it takes around 20 minutes to reach the downtown area.

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Is there a train from Amsterdam City Center to the airport?

The average journey time by train between Amsterdam-Centraal and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is 16 minutes, with around 160 trains per day. The journey time may be longer on weekends and holidays, so use our Journey Planner on this page to search for a specific travel date.

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How often do trains run from Amsterdam Centraal to airport?

The train to Schiphol Airport runs every ~15 minutes from Amsterdam Centraal at minimum. It runs more frequently during the day, but you should be able to find a train easily until around midnight. If you have an early flight from Schiphol Airport, check the train schedule to see which train to take.

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How do I get to Schiphol Airport by train?

Catch the train at Schiphol to travel directly to many destinations in The Netherlands. The NS train station is located directly below the terminal building. Take the escalator or lift downstairs and board the train. The train gets you for instance to Amsterdam Central Station in 14-17 minutes.

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What is the cheapest way to get from Amsterdam Airport to downtown?

#1 Amsterdam Airport Express Bus 397

The Amsterdam Airport Express Bus (Connexxion line 397) offers a cheap and direct connection from Schiphol Airport to the city center of Amsterdam. Round trip ticket costs €11.75 (2023) and can also be purchased online before the trip.

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How to get from downtown Amsterdam to airport?

A direct railway line connects Schiphol International Airport with Amsterdam Central Station, and is the fastest and most convenient form of transport to the city centre. The ride takes 15 minutes and the trains depart day and night every day.

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How much is Uber from Amsterdam Airport to city?

Uber from Amsterdam Airport to the City Centre

Like in almost all the airports in the world, even Amsterdam Airport faces the classic conflict between official taxis and private transfers. Regarding Uber's rates, a run from Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam Central costs about €30-40.

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Do you tip in Amsterdam?

This one is pretty simple to answer – the Dutch do not have a tipping culture as strongly-ingrained as much of the English-speaking world. In a bar, restaurant, or private boat tour in Amsterdam, provided the service was good, a tip of around 10% is appreciated but not automatically expected.

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Does the I Amsterdam card include airport train?

Although a public transport pass is included, the connection between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Station is not included. To cover this journey you will have to buy a separate ticket for the NS train or the Airport Express bus.

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How early do you need to get to the airport in Amsterdam?

This usually depends on your airline, your destination and the opening times of the check-in desk. In general, you should arrive at Schiphol: 2 hours before departure, when travelling to a European destination. 3 hours before departure, when travelling to an intercontinental destination.

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Can you buy tickets on the tram in Amsterdam?

You can also purchase 24- and 48-hour tickets aboard the tram (valid only for GVB services, including buses and metro).

Does the tram in Amsterdam go to the airport? (2024)
How to get from Amsterdam Airport to hotel?

A hotel shuttle service enables you to travel to a number of large hotels that are situated in the airport area. The Connexxion Schiphol Travel Taxi connects Schiphol to over 170 hotels in Amsterdam.

Is there a direct train from Schiphol to Amsterdam?

Yes, it is possible to travel from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam-Centraal without having to change trains. There are 145 direct trains from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam-Centraal each day. Though there may be fewer direct services available depending on your exact departure date.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Amsterdam?

Should you tip taxi drivers in Amsterdam? Similarly to most services in Amsterdam, you're not expected to tip taxi drivers. However, if you are using Uber in the Dutch capital, they do give you the choice to tip your driver if you are particularly happy with the service.

Is there a shuttle from Amsterdam airport?

Booking options at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

SIXT offers you a variety of Amsterdam airport shuttle options, from our budget-friendly sedans to the luxurious First-Class service. For larger groups and families, SIXT offers a van service with both Standard and Business Class options.

How much is a taxi from Schiphol to Amsterdam?

Taxi cost Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam

For transfers from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam, our prices range from €26.50 to about €48.50. The exact fare, of course, depends on the total distance from the airport to your destination.

What is the best area to stay in Amsterdam?

If you choose to stay in the Old Centre, you'll be a short walk from the main sights and the principal shopping and nightlife areas. Many first-time visitors consider this area the best place to stay in Amsterdam, due to its central location and abundance of budget accommodation options.

Is Amsterdam walkable?

The Dutch capital's center is very walkable as it's so compact – perhaps a little too much as it tends to get very crowded. Luckily, public transport connecting central Amsterdam to more spacious outer districts is extensive, dependable and well-priced.

Do taxis in Amsterdam take credit cards?

The driver should give you a receipt at the end of the ride. Taxis usually accept the payment of the fare by credit card, but it's better to ask the driver before you get in. It's not common to give a tip to the taxi driver, but you can round the bill up if you're happy with the service.

Is it cheaper to take Uber or a taxi in Amsterdam?

You can of course compare cost of Uber vs public transport before deciding. How much would a normal taxi cost for the journey that I intend on doing while out in Amsterdam? About €25 each way. UberX about €15 each way.

What is the cheapest way to transport in Amsterdam?

The cheapest way to travel around Amsterdam is walking but if you need to get somewhere fast, the use of an OV chip card is the answer. Being used on trams, buses and metros, the OV chip card (OV-chipkaart) is the easiest way to pay for all your travel about town.

Should I use taxi or Uber in Amsterdam?

Take an Uber

Plus, Uber has a reputation for being cheaper than taxis most of the time. Although you can conveniently pay with your credit or debit card, the downside is that they generally don't accept cash.

How do you say thank you in Amsterdam?

1) Dank je wel / Dankjewel [ˌdɑŋk jə ˈʋɛl]

This is hands down the most popular way to say thank you in Dutch. You'll hear dank je wel used all over The Netherlands, and you'll see it spelled in two ways: dankjewel and dank je wel. Both are correct and pronounced the same way. Feeling extra casual?

Can I drink the water in Amsterdam?

Yes, the tap water in Amsterdam is safe to drink according to international standards. According to many Dutch people it's among the best in Europe. The local water provider Waternet continuously monitors water quality to ensure it meets high safety standards.


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