Who Is Chrisean Rock, And Why Is Her Relationship With Blueface So Controversial? Chrisean Rock's Rise To Fame, New Baby And Major Controversies Explained (2024)

Chrisean Rock is a polarising figure who is constantly criticized by the media and yet enjoys a fan base of over 5 million across social media platforms. It is sometimes unclear if the people who follow her moves do so out of loyalty or morbid fascination, but every viral Chrisean Rock story pushes the needle a little more toward the latter option.

Many people know Chrisean Rock as the somewhat "unstable," yet completely adoring, girlfriend of off-beat (literally) rapper Blueface. But yet others have been following her rise to fame even before her five-fold decision to tattoo Blueface's likeness on her body.

Who Is Chrisean Rock, And Why Is Her Relationship With Blueface So Controversial? Chrisean Rock's Rise To Fame, New Baby And Major Controversies Explained (1)

Now, months after the birth of her and Blueface's baby, many are coming to terms with the fact that her unconventional lifestyle may not be the ideal environment to raise a baby. Here's everything you need to know about Chrisean Rock's background, from star athlete to rapper to the controversial media figure she is today.

What Was Chrisean Rock's First Brush With Fame?

Chrisean Rock was a track and field athlete at Santa Monica College back in 2020, and a clip of her winning $10,000 in Fox's Ultimate Tag went viral on Twitter / X in June 2020.

Chrisean "Seany" came out to get that money and SHE GOT IT! 🤑 #UltimateTag pic.twitter.com/OFwpLxZvSR

— UltimateTagFOX (@UltimateTagFOX) June 18, 2020

People also often share photos of Rock before her tattoos and involvement with rapper Blueface, commending her physique and naturally good looks.

How Did Chrisean Rock Get Involved With Blueface?

In October 2020, Blueface announced the premier of his reality dating show "Blue Girls Club," which was loosely based on the reality show Bad Girls Club, and had a variety of women living in a house together as they vied for Blueface's attention. Participants in the show included Blueface's child's mother Jaidyn Alexis and a younger Chrisean Rock, with Rock famously losing a front tooth in an altercation with Alexis.


Chrisean Rock then signed onto Blueface's label "Blueface LLC," releasing her single "Lonely," which has been removed and reuploaded to her YouTube channel.

What's Up With Chrisean Rock's Multiple Blueface Tattoos?

Chrisean Rock began collecting tattoos of her boyfriend Blueface as early as March 2021, but her first known tattoo of Blueface's actual likeness was on May 28th, 2022. A clip of her getting his face tattooed on her throat gathered over 8 million plays and 700,000 likes on TikTok.


Chrisean Rock continued to get Blueface-themed tattoos in subsequent months, at one point even replacing her missing front tooth with a prosthetic containing an image of his face. Sometime in October 2022, she got yet another Blueface tattoo on her throat, and in January 2024, she got his face tattooed on her own cheek.

What Are Some Controversies Surrounding Chrisean Rock?

In November 2022, Chrisean Rock became the subject of some ridicule after she and Blueface were called onto Kai Cenat's live stream. In clips from the stream, Chrisean can be seen throwing a chair through Cenat's wall and, according to one X user, scaring Kai Cenat for not dancing.

Chrisean puts a whole in Kai Cenat Wall 🤦🏽‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/0EwIDlJvWp

— Domain ➐ (@domainsdomain) November 22, 2022

LMFAOOOOO nah chriseanrock got it the way she bucked at kai for not dancing to blueface got me cryinggg 😂😂 #twitchstreamer #kaicenat #chriseanrock #blueface pic.twitter.com/ErbzTOUEyA

— danaja😈✨ (@danajafinesse_) November 22, 2022

In mid-2023, Chrisean Rock became pregnant with Blueface's baby, a development that she did not seem to have anticipated or planned for. A July 29th post by X account @DailyLoud shows Chrisean Rock visiting the hospital and finding out that she is 20 weeks pregnant, and unsure if Blueface is the father.

Chrisean Rock asked the doctor if it was too late for an abortion after finding out she was 20 weeks pregnant 🤰

— Daily Loud (@DailyLoud) July 29, 2023

But Chrisean Rocks's pregnancy and her baby's eventual birth did not entail smooth sailing for the couple; following a brief split in late 2023, Chrisean Rock released a diss track against Blueface alongside Lil Mabu. The song gathered over 40 million plays in four months.

Why Do People Think That Chrisean And Blueface's Baby Has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

In late 2023, internet users began to speculate as to whether Blueface and Chrisean Rock's baby had fetal alcohol syndrome. While some internet users joked about Chrisean Rock's baby looking like Charles Barkley's son, TikToker @freekdagemini outlined parallel discourse held in then-recent comment sections about Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s son having fetal alcohol syndrome.

@freekdagemini #charlesbarkley #foryou #nba #blueface #mother #chriseanjr #newborn #music #rapper blue face says baby not his #news #men ♬ stellar – .diedlonely & énouement

Many internet users appeared to agree, some even citing medical diagrams linking Chrisean Jr's features to the syndrome.

For the full account of Chrisean Rock and her online history, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

Who Is Chrisean Rock, And Why Is Her Relationship With Blueface So Controversial? Chrisean Rock's Rise To Fame, New Baby And Major Controversies Explained (2024)


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