The Eagle Tribune Negative Reviews & Comments (2024)

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The Eagle Tribune App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

The Eagle Tribune app received 19 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using The Eagle Tribune? Can you share your negative thoughts about the eagle tribune?

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The Eagle Tribune for Negative User Reviews

Annoying adsI'd almost prefer to log into the Tribune website instead of going through the Ap. The placement of the ads is so annoying. They take up too much space. Please revise this layout!.Love xx youuVersion: 1.0.10

It’s okayI’m able to see what I want but I find the app slow to load and is not easy to get around..JamesGarlandVersion: 3.2.64

HorribleI agree with others ..don't update! Deleted the new version after downloading. They won't let you look at any more than 5 articles total before wanting to charge you to see more. Not worth your time to download this app! I will look elsewhere for current happenings in So. NH/MA..DOT1269Version: 2.5.44

Annoying repetitive sign-onApp will ask you to logon every time you use it. Sometimes you have to logon every few minutes. Beyond aggravating. Current owners apparently do not care about customer experience. Paper is for sale. Hopefully new owners will step up and embrace technology..Yosef bar YosefVersion: 2.8.30

Worst app I've ever had!!Don't waste the space on your phone for this app. Although I've registered, every time I go to use the app it tells me I have to register or pay again! Seriously how many times do you want me to pay for the same piece of trash 😣.Kathy Dole MVersion: 2.7.10

Forget itOnce upon a time, I was in love with this app (like 2011). As the years went on, the updates became more radical but i still remained loyal to my Eagle Tribune. Then 2014 came and a RADICAL update changed everything to a confusing and busy layout and the Tribune became greedy and wanted you to pay (more than you for the hardcopy edition). Now I don't even bother downloading this app to my new iPhone. You broke my heart Eagle Tribune. And I'm ignorant because i don't read the newspaper now..Ktc8592Version: 2.5.44

Hate updateDeleting the app. Hate the new interface & links for some articles not working. I like the version before the last update and definitely before this one. My only issue ever was they don't include the pictures that make it to the actual printed version. Let's go back to that with all pictures included..RuBiXxXVersion: 2.5.44

A Decent App, but definitely needs an updateThis is a decent app, don't get me wrong, but its getting stale. I have not used this since day 1, maybe since March 2012 or so, but I've seen little improvement in that time.What I'd like to see happen:-A version formatted for the iPad-An in app purchase to get rid of the ads-Ability to customize a bit more, like setting which town you'd like to see first on opening the app-An end to all the duplicate stories - I'm not sure if this is an issue with the app, or if someone keeps hitting the submit key too soon, or if new articles are made when new details emerge, but the articles are just the same as before with edits... But I'd like everything to be kept clean.-Ability to look through old stories, or maybe have "related past articles" automatically pulled up at the bottom of every article-More user interaction, comments and such, especially if an up/down vote system could be put in place with it similar to reddit or slashdot-Comics! :).BarthalomusVersion: 1.0.18

No thanks!You think they would read these and think, hmm we are disappointing our loyal readers. Looks like they have joined the greed group by not only adding ads, which whatever is fine they need to make money, but charging $1.99 to read articles?? BS! No thanks!.Med assistant 13Version: 2.5.44

I’m Paying for an ET SubscriptionSo why is my app littered with advertisem*nts.MMADESVersion: 2.9.19

OK appI like this app well enough with the latest update. However it freezes on me at least once a day. And most recently it's been blank except for ads for three days now. Going to "app help" just brings you to the mobile site with no link for help..JplugnutVersion: 2.5.44

Worst Update EverThis update is terrible. First of all you are forced to update it because the paper won't open unless you do. When you do update it, if you was different, which I don't necessarily mind. However they're not just adds everywhere and every time you open the story the app crashes! I have a paper subscription to the Tribune, but I prefer to read the paper in my tablet...much more convenient. I'm unable to do this now because this app is unusable. Do something about this, Eagle Tribune! This is unacceptable!.KACslpVersion: 2.5.44

Fix the classifiedThe whole reason I got this app was for the classified section. And it's very glitchy. You can't scroll down without it automatically going to the next page. It's impossible to search for something. Please fix this..Bubbal0Version: 1.0.18

Too bad...I get you need to make a buck. Too bad for the Merrimack Valley; you were once a great source of local news and are now unavailable for many. I deleted the app.Is it necessary to have those sponsored news stories at the top of the main screen by the way? "Celebrities that swing both ways" and "Actors that are gay but pretend they're not." This is news to the Trib now? Maybe it's better I don't subscribe..Micjb27Version: 2.5.44

Limited Number of Stories Before Switching to Pay per ReadYou get a Limited Number of Stories Before It changes to Pay per Read. Not worth the price..OLDstonesVersion: 2.8.30

Terrible appThis app update is terrible not only is it expensive $1.99 per day more than the charge to get the physical paper but when you do buy it the app does not let you read anything and still charges your credit card $1.99. I'm deleting this horrible app. I rated it one star but really deserves 0 stars it's so bad..Mich0729Version: 2.5.44

Needs adjustments!I have difficulty getting into the obituary department unless I go through the E paper selection.Also the advertisem*nts run without provocation and are persistent!.FvjurtVersion: 3.2.19

When?When will we see SEVEN full issues per week?.Five SeventhsVersion: 3.2.35

TerribleDon't update! New views are terrible, crashes all the time, ads are everywhere, and now there's obnoxious tabloid like articles. I'm a subscriber, but since I'm in the road every day of the week this is my source instead of my actual paper. Cancelled my subscription bc this is really useless..Kris10327Version: 2.5.44

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The Eagle Tribune Negative Reviews & Comments (2024)


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