RCI or II – is one better than the other? (2024)

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As the owner of Advantage Vacation, my clients have had experience with both RCI and Interval International exchange companies over the years and I thought I’d share some of the comments and observations they have shared with me.

RCI or II – is one better than the other? (1)

General RCI information and comments:

Many owners I have spoken with feel RCI has more availability (including holiday weeks), they feel RCI is much more flexible and they like the fact that Disney is one of the brands partnering with RCI.

They like that RCI Weeks gives them the ability to get “change” (Deposit Credits) back from exchanges and combine deposits. This allows owners to get multiple exchanges from a deposit, or combine to get something they normally wouldn’t be able to get.

Auto-confirm comparison: RCI usually only auto-confirms if you check that box when creating the search. They email you when they have a match and give you a couple of days to decide. If you take no action, the hold just expires and you wait for the next match. If they confirm an exact match and mail you a confirmation, you can call them and tell them you don’t want it with no penalty.

Interval International

General II information and comments:

The general consensus is that II has higher quality resorts (Marriott and Starwood) than RCI.

Owners like that II’s membership and exchange fees are cheaper than RCI’s.

Several owners find II’s procedures for extending deposits don’t work for them and they have trouble using their deposits with them.

Auto-confirm comparison: Several owners commented that ongoing searches are difficult with II because their policies are not as good as RCI’s – especially if you want a very specific check-in date range. The owners said that II always defaults to a Thursday start for a search and if that’s not what you want you have to call them to change it. In addition, they commented that II only gives 24 hours to cancel and if you miss the deadline, you’re stuck with the exchange.

Is one “better than the other”?:

Overall, the general feeling is that one is not better than the other. While RCI has more exchanges, the feeling is that II has higher quality exchanges (because of Starwood and Marriott) but you must make note that an owner has to have a strong “trader” to get into those resorts.

Other exchange company options information:

A couple clients have said they now supplement RCI and II with Platinum Interchange, DAE and SFX because they are free to join with no annual fees, their exchange fees are much less and sometimes you can get two weeks of exchange for one deposit.

While these smaller exchange companies do not have the vast inventory of the larger exchange companies, they each specialize in a different area – Platinum Interchange is US oriented and works well for popular areas like Orlando, Branson and Williamsburg. DAE is great for overseas travel and SFX is great for high end travel (they may not take your resort unless it is high end).

Now the question is up to you! Which exchange company will work best for you? Hopefully the information contained in this blog will help you make the right decision for the way you and your family like to vacation.

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RCI or II – is one better than the other? (2024)


RCI or II – is one better than the other? ›

Overall, the general feeling is that one is not better than the other. While RCI has more exchanges, the feeling is that II has higher quality exchanges (because of Starwood and Marriott) but you must make note that an owner has to have a strong “trader” to get into those resorts.

What is RCI and II? ›

What are RCI and II? RCI (Resort Condominiums International) and II (Interval International) are the two largest exchange companies in the world. Each allows timeshare owners to trade, or exchange, their timeshare weeks with other timeshare owners.

What's better, RCI or interval? ›

My observation is that RCI has more resorts, meaning they don't really screen them much. II has higher standards, so fewer resorts. I've been a member of RCI for about 20 years and it is definitely much more difficult now to get good exchanges than it was even 5 years ago.

What are RCI membership tiers? ›

RCI Points Fees United States effective December 1st, 2023
Annual RCI Points® Subscription FeesUSD
1 YR$134
Exchange Plus Tier 1$399 + 40k Points
Exchange Plus Tier 2$599 + 40k Points
Exchange Plus Tier 3$799 + 40k Points
51 more rows

What is the alternative to RCI? ›

Top 6 rci.com Alternatives & Competitors
  • clubmahindra.com. 75,238. Country Rank: India. 6,891. 813.47K. 2.3. ...
  • afvclub.com. 239,369. 51,777. 188K. 7.2. ...
  • sellmytimesharenow.com. 775,064. 217,560. 41.16K. 3.5. ...
  • redweek.com. 134,499. 30,864. 394.15K. 6.7. ...
  • wyndhamdestinations.com. 29,572. 5,682. 2.44M. 7.4. ...
  • go-koala.com. 1,526,685. 356,335. 16.3K. 3.2.

Is RCI better than II? ›

Overall, the general feeling is that one is not better than the other. While RCI has more exchanges, the feeling is that II has higher quality exchanges (because of Starwood and Marriott) but you must make note that an owner has to have a strong “trader” to get into those resorts.

What are the RCI levels? ›

RCI has three different award levels. Resorts can earn an RCI Gold Crown Resort award, an RCI Silver Crown Resort award, or an RCI Hospitality award.

Can I join RCI without buying timeshare? ›

Don't own a Timeshare? RCI's core business is exchange vacations – helping timeshare owners to exchange their vacation ownership for time at other affiliated resorts. So, to enjoy exchange benefits through RCI®, you must own a timeshare to exchange.

How much does RCI Platinum cost? ›

RCI Weeks Fees 2022

Like points, you can pay an annual fee for your RCI weeks membership, or pay ahead for multiple years and enjoy savings. Also like the points, you can upgrade to RCI Weeks Platinum for an additional fee: 1 year – $89. 2 year – $155.

What is RCI Platinum membership worth it? ›

RCI Platinum members enjoy even bigger discounts on hotel stays and travel extras — plus get discounted airport lounge access. You'll also save on car rental, by using your trading power or points to reduce the cost — a benefit only available to RCI Platinum members.

Is RCI owned by Marriott? ›

While RCI Exchange is affiliated with its parent company Wyndham Worldwide (and WorldMark) and Interval is connected to its parent company Marriott Vacations Worldwide, most other brands are affiliated with one of these two predominant exchange companies — Hilton Grand Vacations partners with RCI, Westgate with II.

Who bought out RCI? ›

2021. Wyndham Destinations acquires the Travel + Leisure brand and renames itself Travel + Leisure Co. (NYSE: TNL), the new parent company of RCI.

Is RCI still owned by Wyndham? ›

Travel + Leisure Co. Founded in Indiana in 1974 by Jon and Christel DeHaan, RCI is one of the two main timeshare exchange businesses, along with Interval International (II). RCI is part of Wyndham Destination Network and the Wyndham Worldwide family of brands.

What does RCI stand for? ›

RCI stands for Resorts Condominiums International. In 1974, our founders Jon and Christel DeHaan pioneered the concept of vacation exchange.

What is RCI used for? ›

The mandate given to RCI is to regulate and monitor services given to persons with disabilities, to standardise syllabi and to maintain a Central Rehabilitation Register of all qualified professionals and personnel working in the field of Rehabilitation and Special Education.

What is RCI called now? ›

RCI (formerly Group RCI and, before that, Resort Condominiums International) is a timeshare exchange company with over 4,300 affiliated resorts in 100 countries. Travel + Leisure Co.

What does RCI stand for in real estate? ›

Register of Persons Holding a Controlled Interest in Land (RCI) - Frequently Asked Questions.


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