HYBE vs Min Hee Jin: BTS name-dropped in alleged text chain leak; ADOR CEO seemingly plots against Kpop giant (2024)

A new string of alleged texts joins a pre-existing bank of leaks featuring messages shared between officials of the South Korean record label ADOR. The texts seemingly confirm ADOR's parent organisation HYBE Labels' accusations against the former's CEO, Min Hee Jin, amid an ongoing legal battle for control.

HYBE vs Min Hee Jin: BTS name-dropped in alleged text chain leak; ADOR CEO seemingly plots against Kpop giant (1)

The ongoing psychological warfare ensuing behind the closed doors of the HYBE building has blown up into unparalleled piping-hot drama that K-pop fans can't get enough of. Fanning the well-lit fire, South Korean media outlet TV Daily blew the lid off the ADOR CEO on May 27, revealing a lengthy thread of text messages that seemingly witnesses Min scheming about ADOR's departure from HYBE's multi-label system.

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This particular leak especially went viral online as mentions of the sensational septet BTS drew fans' attention. It also purportedly catches ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin and Vice President Lee hatching a foolproof plan that systematically hopes to bury HYBE under pressure from the media and public.

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Why did Min Hee Jin's KakaoTalk messages go viral this time?

An alleged thread of KakaoTalk messages supposedly penned by Min Hee Jin previously took the Internet by storm. Back then, the focus was on Min seemingly passing off derogatory comments about NewJeans members despite situating herself as a motherly figure in the trajectory of the girl group's career.

The latest leak again centres around alleged online conversations between Min Jee Jin and “Deputy CEO Lee.” Screenshots reveal “Lee” mentioning BTS and addressing their plan of attack against the parent company before the boy group's military schedule terminates and the members make their well-awaited return to the music industry. In his February 4 message sent to Min, Lee says: “We have to do something before BTS returns in a year.”

These messages indirectly foreground ADOR officials' subconscious fear of the boy group's stature and its indispensable presence as a foundational pillar bearing significantly profitable endurance for the HYBE brand.

Lee continues, “In a year, their multi-label/US sickness/IT platform illusions will all got to sh*t if it is meant to be… That would make it hard for them, and we earn our freedom.” In a subsequent reply, Hee Jin acknowledges Lee's idea.

Both ADOR executives purportedly plan their “escape ” from HYBE, relying on the media as an influential leverage against the giant K-pop label. Begrudgingly, Min ultimately agreed to use the media to their advantage, seeing it as a necessary evil in their plan for “making things tough for HYBE.” The South Korean entertainment company currently houses several independent labels, including ADOR, which manages NewJeans.

As Lee includes the clause of “HYBE's chart manipulation” as an added attack on the semblance of the company brand's authenticity, Min is seen agreeing to his strategies. She replies, “We need to plan our escape while HYBE is under fire.” On top of that, the alleged chat previews her divulging the next step, requiring them to meet with a renowned media outlet's journalist she was seemingly distantly acquainted with.

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In the following response from Lee, the deputy CEO chimes in with the ADOR CEO and writes back about building up a network of contacts to hit back at HYBE: “First we’ll become close to them and like drizzle falling on clothes, we’ll quietly build a personal network of accountants, competitors, investors, outside directors, investment firms and media outlets.”

As Hee Jin later adds that they should do it on personal terms without using ADOR's name, Lee sets the agenda for February: “making these outside alliances while bolstering the capabilities of ADOR internally.”

In another conversation thread from March, Vice President Lee and Min dive deep into negotiations, attempting to buy out NewJeans. They chat about potential investors interested in investing in NewJeans. Long chains of financial calculations and legal considerations make it to the discussion.

Eventually, Lee manufactured a memo listing grievances that they hoped would bring down HYBE. These discussions share uncanny similarities with the claims made by the ADOR CEO during the initial stages of the internal rift with HYBE, wherein she sought to “expose” the label. As Lee and Min's plans against HYBE drag along, the messages highlight a moral fracture in the corporate foundations of the K-pop industry. With each side's ethical inadequacies laid bare, Min also discusses manipulating NewJeans members' parents into acting as supposed whistleblowers against HYBE.

News / Entertainment / Music / HYBE vs Min Hee Jin: BTS name-dropped in alleged text chain leak; ADOR CEO seemingly plots against Kpop giant

HYBE vs Min Hee Jin: BTS name-dropped in alleged text chain leak; ADOR CEO seemingly plots against Kpop giant (2024)


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